Option to not launch browser when duplicacy web starts

Is there any way to stop the web UI from launching a web-browser everytime it launches? I’m using OSX and have it set to start on login which means everytime I restart my laptop it opens the web UI in my webbrowser. Mostly fine for me but it will be confusing for my wife.


Hmm it does not seem to do that for me. Did you set it to auto-start via the menubar item or as a login item in user settings?

I take that back. It does indeed launch the browser. I just have 100500 browser tabs open anyway so I haven’t noticed just another one…

+1, we need the option to not do that.

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Via the menubar item

This! I require this option as well. :slight_smile:

Until the service mode is complete, in Windows I have to create a task that starts Duplicacy with admin privileges “At log on”, but it launches my Firefox with a bajillion tabs from the previous session.

@gchen, can we please have a command line switch - say -no-browser - that doesn’t launch the web browser when Duplicacy starts?

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Yes, I can add this option to the next beta version, just wonder what this option should be called. -no-browser is ok, but is there anything better?

Few ideas:

  • -n, --unattended
  • -q,–quiet`
  • -s, --suppress-ui or --silent or --service

Personally in like the last one, with suppress.

Not actually sure it needs to be a command line argument or just an option in the web edition settings. Either way though as long as when you check “Start on login” on the OSX menubar I can make it not open the browser on startup that’s all I need.


That’s actually would be more appropriate.

Even another checked menu item next to “Open on Login”, called something like “Connect to…”

This should be saved in settings.json, along with configurable list of targets to connect to — it does not have to be on the localhost.

Ok, I agree a key in the settings.json is better.

I’d argue a command line argument is better as you can control if/when to use it. For instance, I’d put it in the start-up task scheduler, but not necessarily in the desktop shortcut icon. (Though either method wouldn’t affect me, as Duplicacy is mostly running 24/7 anyway. :slight_smile: )

Has this been implemented? I looked in the web-ui setting and do not see any option to stop the web browser from opening.

How do I stop the web browser from opening when the computer starts?

Win 10 Pro x64

I don’t think it has been implemented just yet.

And there is no registry setting or something similar I can do to stop the browser from lauching on start up?

In version 1.1.0, you can pass the -background option to the web gui executable to not launch the browser.

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