Multiple uploads into same revision / merge revisions

I want to run multiple backups jobs but all into same revision. E.g.

I have sync folder let’s call it cloudrive

I put folder foto1 into clouddrive. Run backup job. Now I put foto1 away and put foto2 inside.
I run backup job again.
Result I have right now are two revision with different data. But I want one revision with both folder.

Is it possible ? Or is possible to somehow flatten / merge revision ?

My problem is, when every revision will have different part of my data I need to remember in which revision are which data.

Are both folders available on the same host? I.e. would it be possible to map both folders into one repository via filters?

I believe all data must be available simultaneously in order for Duplicacy to back it up in a single revision, but others who know better might confirm for sure.

What is the actual workflow you’re describing? Are foto1 and foto2 in this example representing compact flash memory cards? Or are they separate storage drives of some kind? Or, if they really are just different directories, then you should be able to back them up together in a single revision using filters as mentioned above.

unfortunately both are not available at the same time. I’m running out of disc space so I can have only one folder connected to internet at the same time.

I might not have a full understanding of your scenario, but I would probably, since you are in effect backing up two different sets of data, use two backup sets (repository folders) with two separate ID, e.g foto1 and foto1, and when setting then up, use the -repository parameter to point to your sync folder. (I would also recommend sync/foto1 instead of the same top-level sync/ to avoid confusion)
The two backup sets will have separate revisions without causing you a problem, I think.

You can then use ID instead of revision to refer to your data.

Again, I might not have grasped your situation fully! :blush: