Option to backup after duplicacy web edition starts


Suppose you have a daily backup. If duplicacy-web isn’t running during the scheduled time, it won’t run that backup, of course. But it won’t do any automatic late backup, it will just schedule for the next day. And so on.

In my use case, the period when my computer is on is very variable. So the daily backup almost never runs.

What i believe it should do, is to have an option to immediately run missed backups. If the last run was more that 24h ago, it should catch-up by running upon start.

Is it possible to implement this? It’s the main feature that is making me think twice about using duplicacy web as my backup software.



I would use windows scheduler and the cli, executed from a service account.

Well, that is the workaround for this missing very simple functionality. But, if the “solution” is to use the cli, why bother to use the web interface in the first place? The point of the web interface is to be more high-level and user-friendly.

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Hello @rgr, welcome to the community.

Undoubtedly an interesting feature, it has been requested a few times here.

For a workaround using only the GUI, would this work?

  1. Do hourly backups instead of daily backups
  2. Set up a prune job to only keep 1 backup snapshot per day

Thank you. So i’m guessing it won’t be impemented anytime soon.

I don’t know, because it’s not on the roadmap:

I also don’t know if @gchen has considered this.

Didn’t know about that roadmap, thanks. Although I believe the usefulness/effort ratio of my suggestion is high, that list is an awful lot of work for just one person…