Option to create paths when restoring?

I have a backup (snapshot) in a store:

Store: hosted
Snapshot: TEST
Revision: 61

What I want to be able to do is pull one or more files, matching a pattern from the backup to a new location. (its complicated)

So, I create an empty folder:

mkdir TEST
duplicacy init TEST /path/to/storage/hosted
duplicacy restore -r61 “path/to/file/to/restore”

Duplicacy errors saying it can’t create the file. This is because the folders path/to/file/to does not already exist.

In this simple example, I could do

mkdir -p path/to/file/to

and the restore will then work, however the list of files to restore may include wildcards, so this is not really practical.

Is there an option to have duplicacy create the folders when it is restoring?


Isn’t your problem a duplicate of Restore a specific folder/files - Pattern on Windows machine ?

No, totally separate issue.

Sorry for the late update.

The issue as described in the linked article does not match my issue, however the fix in 2.2.1 does fix my issue. I didn’t initially read the responses to that issue as it sounded nothing like my issue.

Anyway, with 2.2.1 all good.

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