Problem backing up a (quite big) directory

Backup failed with the following error:

Failed to upload the chunk 75b1b3d886be23fc52defbbca21a5c6560f57674c427113e0cc5c45992cbb55a: InternalError: We encountered an internal error. Please contact customer support.
status code: 500, request id: 89384642D912B6DB, host id: ayUjpYlyxYlzU0cgbltV+O/Ir4fVsJLXSKBh/zCJiyvNxVljaYteCmX1YX5KkfZ0iTiWLzqnuyMk
Incomplete snapshot saved to /espacio/espacio2/backups_clientes/froiz/remotos/josemanuel/.duplicacy/incomplete

Are you using the wasabi backend? If so I’ll contact their developers to report this issue.

Can you send an email to to report this issue? They prefer support tickets directly from customers.

This is another reported incident of the exact same issue: Error copying to Wasabi