Prune -all check tags?



Hello, I’m a little confused about the prune -all command and It use with tags.

I’m using a repository that have (for now) two backups with differents tags. If I use a duplicacy prune -all -keep 1:10, will It delete the second one and keep only the first or It will leave both because they have differents tags?



-all means prune will match against all snapshot ids, not only the default one.

The keep token works by time, not tags. Backups that match will be deleted from current snapshot id; unless you specify -all, in which case all matching backups from all snapshot ids will be deleted

Here is better explanation:


Ok, thanks. So, in an example like this:

ID: Photos - Tag: Cellphone - Date: 2019-01-10 20:14
ID: Photos - Tag: PC        - Date: 2019-01-10 21:10

Duplicacy, with the options -all -keep 1:7, will delete the tagged one cellphone and leave the PC, right? To keep both, duplicacy has to be launched twice: one with -tag Cellphone and one with -tag PC.


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