Restore files in a folder but not its subfolder

Hi, I am trying to restore a folder’s files without restoring its subfolders. Intuitively I used:
duplicacy restore -r 3 folder/*.*
instead of
duplicacy restore -r 3 folder/*

but it is still restoring everything under that folder. How can I do this?

Did you see the pattern guide? Filters/Include exclude patterns

Looks like you should exclude the “/” symbol so that the first * doesn’t match it.

Try this:

duplicacy restore -r 3 -- "-folder/*/*" "+folder/*" "-*"

This worked brilliantly. Thanks. May I suggest to include a similar example (for the command line use of filters for the duplicacy restore function) in the Filters/Include exclude patterns guide ? I think it would be helpful.


And for clarity, it would also be great to emphasize in the guide that the order in which the patterns are processed are from bottom to top in case of filters files and right to left for the command line filters. It wasn’t obvious to me at first although one can infer it from examples for filters files. One ideal place to mention it is after Therefore, the order of the patterns is significant. sentence in the Wildcard matching section.

Good sugestion. Done: