Restore in GUI doesn't expand

Here’s an odd one. Most of my backups on two different PCs look fine when i do a dummy restore but just one backup on one PC doesn’t expand. I can select the Backup ID and revision but its just shows “Revision 1” and an open folder icon but nothing is list underneath it.

However the backup log shows files have been copied and when I do a

duplicacy list -r 1 -files

it lists out all the files so it seems like its an obscure GUI bug.

I tried deleting the job and cleaning out the snapshot folder from the target but the same thing happened when I recreated the job.

Any ideas on what to check next?

Does the Back id have any non-alphabet character in it?

Its just letters and a hyphen ( - ) in the middle the same as all the others. Its only different from the others by being the longest name as far as I can see. 18 characters long.