Restore location protection/default

I’m testing the QNAP qpkg for x86. My concern is that the “Restore to” field provides no default or protection against accidentally restoring a backup to the NAS root partition, filling it, and taking down the NAS. Could restore compare the size of the files to be restored to the space available in the target partition and fail if insufficient?

By default Duplicacy doesn’t overwrite existing files that are different (based on sizes and timestamps), unless you specify the -overwrite option.

The danger is not overwriting files, it is accidentally filling e.g. the root partition with new files, causing critical system processes to fail due to lack of space. Also, it can be a hassle to remove files accidentally restored to the wrong place.

What about setting “Restore to” to the preferred repository path by default instead of blank?

Hi, somewhat related, a -dry-run option for the restore command like @towerbr suggests could be helpful for this scenario, to give an indication on what will happen. This would also be very useful for Windows users to test and conform their restore patterns (backslash vs forward slash, and case sensitive path which is uncommon for Windows users)