Restore Multiple Files - Web UI

Hi is this possible?

You can restore only a single file or directory, because the file selection dialog doesn’t support multiple selections.

Is it something that can be added? That seems like a really important feature.


I’ll give a try for the next web GUI release (after I’m done with the memory optimization for the CLI).


Thank you so much for looking into this!

Would also really appreciate this being implemented!

Hi @gchen

Do you know if this feature is going to be available any time soon? And if not… is there a way i can recover a subset of files from a folder in another way?

Say i wanted to recover 100 files from a folder that contains 1000… I know i’d likely have to know the names of the files… but i’m assuming the cmdline could be used to do this?

Sorry this feature won’t make it to the next release.

You can use the include patterns in the web GUI. For instance, enter -- file* to restore all files starting with file under the top directory. Please refer to Filters/Include exclude patterns for the pattern syntax.

@gchen, how can you escape directories that have spaces in them with this usage? I tried putting paths after a -- in the “Options” in the GUI, but my paths have spaces and it seems like it’s interpreting them as separate path parameters. I tried wrapping them in quotes, but that didn’t work either.

Replace spaces with ?, which matches any character. If that includes more files than what you want to restore, then add exclude patterns (by prepending the file name with -) to exclude undesired files specifically.

Ah, yes…forgot it’s a regex so I can use standard regex syntax. Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

@gchen hi there, thank you for your previous replies about using the include / exclude filters… that might come in handy… i was wondering though… is this feature still on the roadmap for a future release?


Came here via Google search looking for the same feature. Duplicati can restore multiple individual files from a backup. Seems like a fundamental requirement for backup / restore software. Currently on a one month trial of the web ui and this is probably a no go for me if its not going to be implemented.


Hi there,
I would be also happy to find this feature in a near update of the Web UI. Thanks again for providing Duplicacy to us.

+1 for being able to select multiple files. Needed to restore a lot of files today but not a whole folder… what a chore.

The real solution to this issue is not massaging GUI restore functionality (as there is no end to what can possibly be needed there) - the ultimate solution would be the ability to mount storages or at least snapshots as filesystems :wink:

I’ve even seen PR for that already (, not sure what is the actual status, haven’t tried it yet.


This will be a killer feature…especially if the mount can then be accessed via cifs / smb from a remote system.

Oh yeah, fusemount looks awesome!

That said, I’d still love to see tick-boxes besides folders and files in the restore browser within the Duplicacy web UI, like how Duplicati does it. As soon as a restore goes beyond a single file or folder, currently the UI forces you to either do multiple separate restores, or restore potentially way too much (whole parent folder when you just want a few files). Or revert to the CLI - which is great to have as an option, but not everyone is comfortable with that.

– neverness