Restore: skip existing files instead of overwrite

duplicacy 2.5

I do duplicacy -restore -r 1 "path/to/folder/*".
Expected behaviour: Restore all files, skip the ones that already exist
Actual behaviour: I get a message file.txt already exists. Please specify the -overwrite option to continue.
Is there any way to restore and skipping existing files?


Probably the file that is already in the restore folder has a different size or timestamp than the file that is being restored from storage.

That’s definitely the case, and that’s why I don’t want to overwrite it!

cc @gchen any thoughts?

@dreamflasher - did you find any resolution for your issue?

@hiavi Unfortunately not, would be great if @gchen would have a look!

The latest CLI should support a -persist option for the restore command to ignore existing files and only restore files that are new.

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