Retrieving storage encryption password?

I had setup a test backup via duplicacy-web a while back, configuring the “encryption password” via the web UI.

I now wanted to do a restore test via the duplicacy CLI version. The problem is that I do not remember the encryption password I had setup for this test data set, so I cannot init the storage space.

Because this is just a test, I could re-create the data set, but I’d rather avoid that option if possible to save on upload time and network bandwidth costs (it’s on a cloud storage).

Since I have the duplicacy.json file and the administration password for the duplicacy-web installation (“the password to encrypt/decrypt the passwords/credentials stored in the configuration file”), is there a way to retrieve the storage password (i.e. : the one I will eventually have to pass with the “-e” flag of cli version?)


Would be inappropriate, from a design perspective, if you could recover the password from the json file.

But, take a look on this topic:

You can do this by starting duplicacy-web with the old configuration and then inspecting the environment of any running duplicacy process that calls that storage. For example, on a Linux host, I would use pgrep -fl duplicacy to show the process id of the duplicacy command that’s running via duplicacy-web (easiest way is to schedule a check). With this process id in hand, you can use procfs to inspect the environment via the file /proc/<pid>/environ. Putting it all together, I’d use sudo cat /proc/$(pgrep -n duplicacy)/environ (-n tells pgrep to show the pid of the newest duplicacy process). I’m not sure how to inspect the environment on non-windows based systems, but I bet someone else can help.

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That is a nice trick from @tedski, but there is an undocumented option that can print out all credentials passed to the CLI process as environment variables:

duplicacy_web_osx_x64 -print-credentials

Why is it undocumented? Well, I guess now it is documented, so: why was it undocumented?

How does this work? Does it work with the Web Edition for WIndows? I tried running it from CLI and got no output. I see nothing in the duplicacy_web.log or anything in the GUI either.

Maybe coz it works only on osx? On windows it doesn’t work

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It is supposed to send the credentials to stdout, but there may be some issue with stdout in DOS prompt. Unfortunately I’m travelling and won’t be able to look into this in a few days.

Any chance there is an update to exporting credentials in windows?

The credentials are actually sent to OutputDebugString on Windows with -print-credentials, so you can view them with DebugView.

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I couldn’t see the output with the DebugView even with “capture global” option enabled and running as admin.

When I run

duplicacy_win_x64_2.6.1.exe -print-credentials

I get

Incorrect Usage

-print-credentials is an option for the web GUI executable, not the CLI.


Oops, understood. It worked, thanks.

Perhaps this should be documented somewhere (i.e. in the guide)?

@gchen should this still work? because it does not work for me. I am launching duplicacy_web_win_x64_1.6.3.exe -print-credentials from the cmd, that makes duplicacy launch, I tried both as admin and not as admin, but I always just see this in DebugView:

So no credentials anywhere.