Runing Prune correctly with Copy and B2 and ensuring duplicacy access in case of hard drive failure

I have now Duplicacy working well after a few months (much more stable since 1.2.1 WE using the COPY command). Set up is:

  1. Local backup to USB drive
  2. Copy command to copy local backup to B2 Bucket (entire local backup goes to one bucket)

Now I want to Prune my backups and I just want to make I don’t screw things up. I have read the forums online and have made sure the B2 bucket lifecycle options are correct (keep all versions) but I am not sure against which backup I need to run prune, the discussion on -all option etc. Do I need for example to run prune on both the local storage and the B2 bucket or will the B2 bucket shrink automatically if I prune the local storage because I use the COPY command. I just don’t quite get the interaction between COPY and PRUNE and want to be on the safe side.

How would I implement the following:

duplicacy prune -keep 0:360 -keep 30:180 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7

Second question. I used to run duplicati and this had an export configuration function which mean in case of disaster (OS drive failure) I could get duplicati running on a second machine, import my backup configuration and run a restore (well, the restore part was the part which took for ever but still the theory was good). Can I achieve something like this in Duplicacy or should I run Duplicati and save all my Docker volumes of Duplicacy so I can restore them back to my server in case the server OS goes down.

Hope my questions are clear. Thanks for the help.

Pretty sure your second question is answered here:

On the second topic thanks for helping - but how would I be able to retrieve the repository ID if the backup is encrypted? Surely in this scenario I need to know at least the repository ID and have this backed up in a separate non-encrypted backup?

If anyone can help with the first question that would be great.

You can get the repository ID (actually the snapshot ID) directly on the storage.

Take a look at this topic, I think some of your doubts will be answered:

Thank you again for all your answers. Regarding Prune and interaction with copy after some more digging, I found this post.

This has a lot of good information. I will c heck it out but I believe I have to run PRUNE on both my local and remote storage. On the restore topic, I get that I need just the snapshot ID but I need to look at my B2 bucket to see if I see this or if it is encrypted by Duplicacy. If so surely I would need a working Duplicacy installation with knowledge of the snapshot ID and B2 bucket data in order to do the restore (even to a different PC).

The snapshot IDs will be listed as subdirectories under the \snapshots directory for your storage.

On a fresh PC, all you need to do is init an empty directory to one of those snapshot IDs, before doing a restore command.