Safe to remove the “dummy” backup id?

I followed the “multiple cloud storage without a local storage” steps, and had a quick question. First of all, this worked AWESOME and helped me save 80% of costs for egress from my primary storage! My question is around removing the “dummy” backup id. I now have a random backup id listed on the storage tab of the Web UI. While it doesn’t hurt anything, I was wondering if there was a way to remove it, without impacting the chunks associated with the other backup id’s chunks?

I think I should run duplicacy -r 1 -id <unwantedID> -exclusive based on another topic - Removing backup id from storage (Web GUI) - but I want to be sure before running it and potentially impacting 1TB of data :slight_smile:

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That is correct. If you’re unsure, you can run duplicacy prune -r 1 -id <unwantedID> -exclusive -dry-run to check chunks to be removed.

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This worked as expected, so thanks for verifying!

For this specific scenario, it’d be nice with the prune dry-run if it had a size component to the various chunks too. This could be similar to -stats or the tabular info on a check. I basically cross-referenced the tabular check output with the # of unique chunks and the size to the dry-run # of chunks.