Select repository to copy


Hi, I have encountered a problem using the copy command.
Basically this is how I set it up: I have two backup locations (local harddrive and B2) and two repositories (I will call them folder1 and folder2). I did a backup of folder1 to the local harddrive and then used the copy command to copy this backup to B2. Then I backed up folder2 to the same folder on the local harddrive to take advantage of deduplication, however I don’t want folder2 backed up to B2. This is where my problem comes up, because I assumed that if I run the copy command inside folder1, only the chunks belonging to this repository will be copied to B2. However if I now run the copy command in folder1, duplicacy starts copying all the chunks on the local harddrive, both the ones from folder1, as well as those from folder2.
So what I want to do is somehow tell the copy command to only copy the chunks from one repository, even when more chunks are in the source location. Is this use case possible or is my only option to have a separate backup folder on my local harddrive for backups which should not be copied to B2, which means I can’t have deduplication between all local backups?


Did you use the snapshot id option?


No I didn’t. I already suspected I just didn’t understand one of the options right, because what I want to do seems like a pretty common use case. With this options it works exactly as intended, thank you!