Setting defaults in Web UI

Web UI should have a way to set defaults for commands per Storage. Like sensible defaults for a backup command. At the moment one needs to set the settings once for the Backup configuration and then once for each job in Schedules. The attached image tells it all (It does not end there, just open it…).

I’m a CLI user and haven’t tried GUI so I don’t really qualify, but from what I read so far in the forum, I think perhaps such defaults in both GUI and CLI is actually the same thing and could be stored in a common way (json files used by CLI I think?). The background jobs are run by CLI, which needs to read the settings configured by GUI. (which means GUI needs to store settings “the CLI way”) If/when CLI is ready for it, it could be implemented in GUI. :slight_smile:

So perhaps this other thread is about the same thing, or actually the CLI part of it which must come first:

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There was a sensible proposal to extend the set command to store the defaults which works partially at this point. Specifically, set does not support -threads or -rate-limit parameters yet. In the context of Web UI there is still need for more defaults since the Web UI does more than the CLI by e.g. pooling multiple jobs under one schedule. It should be possible to set the defaults per storage.

The UNIX way is to have a configuration file (/etc/, .rc) where a user can set sensible defaults for repeated tasks and then command line where one can override those case by case.