Storing in different folders in same b2 bucket

I initialised using this command:

duplicacy.exe init -e [snapshot id1] [b2://url/Folder1]


duplicacy.exe init -e [snapshot id2] [b2://url/Folder2]

Folders 1 and 2 were manually created in the same b2 bucket before running these commands.

I used the same Application ID and Key for both, but when prompted for the storage password for Folder2, I gave a different password and got this error:

"Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Failed to retrieve the config file: cipher: message authentication failed"

I tried again but with the same password as used in [snapshot id1] and got:

"The storage 'b2://url/Folder2/' has already been initialized ...
[Folder2] will be backed up to [b2://url/Folder2] with id [snapshot id2]."

Are these two backup configurations going to work without conflict? The text “…already been initialized” makes me unsure. Was it due to sharing the bucket with Folder1 or the previous failed initialize for Folder2?

In another bucket, and another backup, I tried to specify a folder in a b2 bucket as the destination but instead I see a “Chunks” folder in the root and my destination folder empty. Admittedly, for this one, I omitted the folder name during the “init” command but added the folder later by editing the preferences file before initiating the backup.

I hope someone can clarify what is happening in both situations. Thanks.

AFAIK Duplicacy doesn’t support folders on Backblaze B2 backend …

I use B2 with separate buckets for each set of files that can take advantage of deduplication.

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