Storj storage backend added

I’ve added the Storj storage backend:

A free Storj account will get you 150G storage and a monthly bandwidth cap at 150G. Not bad for some additional backups.


Thanks a lot @gchen !

Awesome!! Thank you!

I’d say even beyond the generous free tier the cost structure resembles the original Wasabi pricing ($0.004/GB/month storage + $0.007/GB egress (+ tiny bit for segments)).

It’s a good deal for the hot storage, let alone decentralized; and until archival storage support is implemented in duplicacy, this is in my opinion the best we got in terms of bang per buck.

Hi @saspus, I am currently using your docker image (saspus/duplicacy-web) in Truenas Scale. Will the addition of Storj be updated? The last update to the docker image was 5 months ago!


If you are using :mini tag, set the channel to Latest and restart the container. The duplicacy version as reported by will download and run.

With :mini tag there is no longer need for me to update the container with every duplicacy release. The only thing prompting update wold be if bugs found in the container itself (my scripts or base Alpine image).

If you are using the :latest tag then the duplicacy version is baked in and is therefor fixed. Switch to :mini tag.

Actually, I was going to make latest tag behave just like mini. Perhaps it will be easier for people who use the Latest tag today migrate. I’ll do that tonight. (I.e. push :mini version of the container to :latest tag)

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