Top 5 missing features

I run my own pc as a power user but also have an other half where things have to be a bit simpler as she is unfamiliar with cli’s and setting stuff like this up. Taking both types of users into account here is a nice list of my top missing features meant as constructive criticism :+1:

  1. Mount a revision as a virtual file system. This would greatly improve the user friendliness of the restore process and facilitate easy searching within a revision.

  2. Provide a search box with filtering to search for files/folders inside all revisions simultaneously or inside a date range of revisions. I can use the cli and have it spit out a long text file containing all file names in all revisions. But if you are limited to the GUI, you would be in for a long ride of clicking your way through revisions.

  3. Have the option to execute missed scheduled jobs due the computer being OFF or otherwise prevented from starting a job at the scheduled time. Sure you can schedule backups often enough to side-step the matter but I schedule prune and check jobs less often. So they are most susceptible to being missed.

  4. Start a job if a certain drive gets plugged (external drive) in or mounted (Veracrypt volume). Additionally, there should be an option only to start the job if it has missed a scheduled time.
    It would be okay to having to mount it to the same drive letter but it would be nice if it can be identified using a config file present on the drive or volume.

  5. Implement a backup restore GUI button for config export and import for easy migration to another computer.

That’s what I came up with for now. Any takers:)?


The first suggestion seems to be discussed here:

I think that’s a good idea. I wonder if it’s possible using Windows scheduler? In Linux i use systemd which is smart enough to know that if it didn’t run last night (maybe my PC was off), when i next turn on the PC the next morning, it’ll run then - not wait until the next scheduled time (i run it every 24hrs at 20:00hrs). And it won’t need to run again at 20:00, because it’s already run once in the last 24hrs (At least i think that’s it’s behaviour… it’s been a while since i set it up!).

I think the idea of providing a search box that will search either a range, list, or “All” revisions is a great idea. If I say searched for “workdoc01.docx” under “All” revisions, it could return a formatted list of every revision containing a file matching this description… Each revision could be listed as a header along with its info (name, time, etc) and then under each of these headers, it could list each file matching the description along with that file’s info (name, file system location, size, timestamps, etc) and a corresponding “Download” button to download that particular revision of the file. This would make it very easy to see the history of any given file, quickly download different revisions of a file for comparison, and if the search box had an option for allowing regex, it could also be fairly powerful for finding a very specific set of files. I know this post is several months old but I just happened to come across it and I thought this was a very useful suggestion. Just my 2 cents.