Understanding chunks vs snapshots

On B2 i have 2 folders chunks and snapshots…

chunks look like they are files snapshots look like snapshots

I have a machine that died recently…

in reviewing the file structure it appears that it has data written into chunks through july 4th
however the last snapshot is june 28th?? revision 563… how did that happen?? does that mean i can only recover files through june 28th??

also when i go to recover that revision it just asks me where to recover it… whats going to be in it?? changes for that day or a full backup of everything??

The folders within the chunks folder contain the chunks (…) of the original files, that is, the backups themselves.

The snapshots folder contains a subfolder for each snapshot ID (related to repositories).

Each of these subfolders contains a file for each revision (backup) of this snapshot ID.

What does the check command report about this storage in B2?

You will get a full restore to the state that the repository was at the revision date.

If possible (available space, etc.), it’s a good idea to restore to a temporary folder.

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thank you for the info…

now how to just restore a file or folder?? it’s hard to believe i would have to restore 2tb’s of files just to find 1 folder

Is very simple, just use a pattern that corresponds to the folder (or files) that you want to restore:

how do i run the check command?? im using the web based gui

Create a “schedule”, within the schedule create a “check” job:


okay its running right now

as far as a file listing i noticed when i went to the previous revision it started to try to populate a file list… i expect with 2 TB this will be quite an extensive task

now i notice there an options section… it there a command to list files created after 06/28/2019