Usability: Email notifications: Don't force users to enter the same information twice

I have two schedules configured. In the first one I painfully configured email notifications. (Painfully because Amazon SES server addresses, usernames and passwords… that’s a lot of copy-paste). Then when I click to enable notification on a second schedule the smtp server information is not pre-polulated and I have to provide same information again. Why not copy it from the other schedule (or from an internally maintained list of SMTP servers)?

(In this specific case those are AWS IAM credentials and I did not save the key I generated for duplicacy, so now I have to re-generatae them and update in both places. Even more work)


I agree with this. I also think its weird that you can specify a backup, which you need to create a schedule, and then apply command line options to the backup but they don’t transfer to the schedule. Email should be a global setting, or maybe a list of emails, and then you can apply that notification configuration to a specific backup.

I remember someone suggested an email configuration page to enter all the smtp information which can be referenced by names when setting up email notifications for schedules. I just added this feature to Roadmap for the web GUI