UX bug: empty <title> tag for Web-UI browser window

As I’m sure many folks do, I keep a ton of browser windows and tabs open, especially while researching and studying for a new project (such as: getting started with Duplicacy). I had “lost” my Duplicacy Web-UI browser window, and was searching for it in my alt+tab list, when I noticed the Duplicacy Web-UI window is actually left untitled if Duplicacy is on any Web-UI “tab” other than the dashboard. If you are on the storage, backup, schedule or other tabs, then there is literally an empty <title></title> block in the html. This is certainly a low priority issue, but populating that title block in the non-dashboard tabs with “Duplicacy Web Edition” (same as the dashboard) would be a small but meaningful UX improvement for the Web-UI product overall in my opinion.


I’ll fix this in the next release.

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