Web-GUI does not work without internet

I just had a case where I had no internet for a while. I restarted my computer and when the Web-GUI openend it looked completely meesed up. There were no graphics. The layout is non existent, there are no buttons to start backups, add backup, schedules or change anything. I do a local backup and it appers that the schedule for the local back was still running which is good. However the worse was that it is not possible to restore anything. The restore fields are not accessible. This is not good if you are working offline and need to restore a file.

I always thought this programm was an “offline” product and I was not aware that you need an active internet connection to use it. It is not mentioned on the web site or documentation anywhere.

Now that I said this, I do hope it is just some setting I missed or an user error so I can get Duplicacy to work.
Is there a workaround to make it work offline?


The web page source in the GUI shows the css and js files necessary for functionality are pulled from various CDNs: jquery, google, bootstrap, etc.

As-is, there would be no convenient way to use the GUI without internet.

You can use the Duplicacy CLI completely offline (obviously not as convenient) to do everything the GUI is capable of.

There are some files that appear to be embedded as they are in the code as local and I can not find any trace of them on my system:

This would lead me to believe it would be possible to include all necessary files locally.

I did not find any options in the documentation or the GUI to use local copies rather than pull from the online CDNs.

I second the suggestion to make the GUI fully functional offline. This may need posted in the features request section.


I’ll make it work offline in the next version. For now the workaround is to use the CLI.