Web UI Improvements - New User

I am new, I am right setting everything up to get migrated from Duplicati to Duplicacy, and there are some thoughts about the WebUI which I think would be great to be addressed but not mentioned anywhere yet (or I did not find it)

  • Sorting/Grouping of the Backup section
    At the end of my migration, I will end up with around 30 Backups to two or three different locations. Grouping (folding/unfolding) the backups based on destination would be great and would make my life so much easier when going through all of them
  • I also do not understand why the “Add Button (+)” is on the top right corner on the Backup UI but for storage and schedule it is located in the bottom left?
  • Mail notifications after a scheduled jobs are great (at least for me) but with multiple jobs it is just tedious to configure the same Mail settings over and over again. Why not create that configuration once, globally and attach it. Or at least have the option to choose from multiple mail setting objects.
  • On the Dashboard, the Activities widgets timespan can be changed by using the scroll wheel, but not for the other graphs on the dashboard, which would also be nice. Honestly saying I would like to see a dropdown on the top letting me choose between 24 hours, 7 days and a 30 days and all elements are getting their timeframe accordingly.

I would extend this list, of what I think could be improved as I go over the migration process :smiley:

Other threads talking about improvements too