Web-UI: Schedule improvements

I’ve started to use the product more and more over the past month, so here are some of my pain points regarding scheduling:

Schedules cannot be paused
Currently, the only workaround is to delete the schedule and create it again or to reschedule it. Deleting the schedule is destructive (wrt configuration), and rescheduling doesn’t allow pausing to be perpetual.

I’d like this feature for a number of reasons:

  1. If I have jobs backing up regularly and need to run maintenance such as an exhaustive prune, I need to have a way of stopping any upcoming backups from taking place
  2. If I have defined a job which I want to run manually, and can’t run from outside a schedule (prune, check). For this reason, pausing probably isn’t the perfect solution, but it would be a workaround. Providing check/prune actions from the respective UI locations which show this information would be nice.

schedules can only be max once per week
I’d like to be able to schedule tasks once per month or every 2 weeks. The schedule feature could provide an optional CRON-like interface for defining points which to run the job and would give an infinitely greater flexibility to individual users.

jobs cannot be edited once created
A minimal issue but if I’ve changed storage provider (and delete the old one) and want to update a schedule, i have to re-create it again since there’s no way of changing it from the old (and now missing) destination.

deleting a schedule is not intuitive
This is a UX improvement, but usually, you would expect to see an x or bin icon next to a list item. When looking to delete a schedule, a clock icon is not the first place i’d look, yet that’s where it’s buried. Could this not be an extra icon next to the clock and plus?


All very good points, I hope some of these ideas can implemented.

However, just to point out a simpler workaround regarding your first point - you can effectively pause a schedule by unticking all the days Mon-Fri*, so that none are ticked. When you do that, the schedule won’t run at all. No need to delete and recreate.

Obviously, it’d be nice to eventually have a more intuitive way to pause schedules though.

Edit: *Mon-Sun, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:


Out of “deleting a schedule is not intuitive” all the points I am missing too. So please maybe someone can have a look at this topic again. :pray: