Web-UI: Is "Schedule" navigation menu on left side the only way to initiate a "Copy" or "Check" command?

I am trying out the Web-UI to see if it can fit my needs.

It looks like “Schedule” navigation menu on left side the only way to initiate a “Copy” command - feels very weird as this is not an operation that needs to be done repeatedly. So, “Schedule” navigation menu being the only way to do it feels wrong from the UX perspective.

While I can see the need for “Check” command being run periodically - it would be good to be able to run it without having to go through the hassle of creating a schedule.


i was going to ask the same question yesterday actually as I’m a new Duplicacy user and exclusively using the web UI. Seems like there should be manaul sections for Copy/Check as well as Prune even.

I want to prune on a schedule normally but if I want to do an exhaustive prune I don’t want to always have it scheduled since it’s not needed.

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@corneliousjd - looks like this is an issue that has been flagged to be on the roadmap of the UI - but no ETA of when this feature would come.

See Add a menu item to web-ui

@gchen - few suggestions about roadmap Roadmap for the web GUI

  • It might be good to use UserVoice like functionality for users to vote, so that u can prioritize which features to bring first with highest customer value/need
  • Also, it would be good to have suggested ETAs against the roadmap items you are tracking closely so that users have some sense of timeline - at least what is coming soon.