Web-ui on Debian

For the echo "[Unit] … script, can this be adapted for Debian? Can I just put that text into /etc/systemd/system/duplicacy.service?

Is there a better way to auto-run Duplicacy Web Ed. when the system boots?

Can anyone answer my question? Will the web version import backup jobs and settings from the GUI version?

No, but you only have to set them up again - the storage is 100% compatible and you can resume backup jobs. All you have to do is point to your existing repository, use the same repository ID, point to the same storage etc…


Still wondering if there is a way for that Systemd script from the earlier thread about the new web edition to be adapted to Debian.

I’m not running CentOS and my knowledge of Systemd scripting is about a good as Mike Hooper trying to defend a soccer goal. T_T

Here is what I did on my Debian stretch.

  1. downloaded the web edition of duplicacy

  2. created the next file: /etc/systemd/system/duplicacy.service

  3. inserted the next code:

Description=Duplicacy backup

After=syslog.target network-online.target


ExecStart is the path of the file that you downloaded in point 1.
This will be run as root user. If you want to run as another user then you need to specify with the “User” option.

systemctl daemon-reaload
systemctl enable duplicacy.service
systemctl start duplicacy.service

At first run you need to wait a little bit until it downloads and set up all that it needs.

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I think you need a [Unit] at the top of your systemd service file or else you’ll get (probably benign) Assignment outside of section errors in syslog.

Thanks for your comment. I updated my previous post and added [Unit] to the top.

Thanks for documenting how this might work in Debian. I’ll put it in this afternoon and see if it works or doesn’t. Haven’t tried this yet, but hope to soon.

Do you run it without admin password?

I’m using with admin password.

I didn’t get that the admin password is for the UI…

Thank you for this. I was using the poor man’s solution - an @reboot cron entry :smiley:

Simpler, but the obvious benefit of this one is automatic restart on failure.

I found I had to add Environment=“HOME=/root” for it to pick up the existing .duplicacy-web folder; by default it created a new one under / which I found a little unclean.

Sorry – I don’t know what is going wrong now. I have moved to Debian Buster and the information for starting Duplicacy web edition with Systemd no longer works. I am referring to the post on June 3rd by @lonich.karoly. Does anyone know how to update this so that Duplicacy will start when Debian Buster boots?? Thank you.