WebUI Windows service No Storage Stats

The storage page always shows blank.
In C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web\stats\storages, there is 1 .stats with 0 size, dated a couple months ago.

Check job runs every day. Dont see any errors in log. Also ran check job manually, and it says completed.

Either it cant write the data it gets, or the web UI looks in the wrong place.

How do I find where it is supposed to store the storage stats, and fix it so web UI can find them to display?

Is this the same issue as No Storage Information Shown (Including on Graphs)?

Check C:\ProgramData\.duplicacy_web\logs\duplicacy_web.log and look for failures about opening files under C:\ProgramData\.duplicacy_web\stats. It could be that the account that runs the web GUI doesn’t have the permission to write to this folder.

It is same symptoms. I read that post first, but no luck. This is Windows, so I set the whole C:\ProgramData.duplicacy_web folder tree as “everyone” has “Full Access”. Also, logs show no errors. So similar problem, but not quite the same.

Found the problem… That “1 storagename.stats file with 0 size” that was in the C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web\stats\storages folder was apparently messing things up. I deleted that empty file and re-ran the check job, and it wrote the new file successfully.

I am guessing that during the check job processing, it tries the parse the JSON in the existing .stats file, and that empty file got a parse error, which caused it to fail writing the new file.

I did see JSON parse errors for that empty .stats file in the log file, but I assumed those were from the UI trying to display the empty JSON file. Apparently those JSON parse errors were from the actual check job processing, and not the UI trying to display it. Makes sense in retrospect, as the web UI probably doesn’t write to the log.

I don’t know how the 0 length file got there - maybe a result of some other error months ago. But deleting it got things going again. It never affected backups, but it’s nice to see storage usage reports again.

Thanks for the help.

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