Black friday 2021 sale on lifetime license again?

Will you be offering another lifetime license offer for Black Friday this year?

About to setup some B2 services for backup and deciding on which client software I want to run on it.

Yes, I’ll run the same offer again this year (i.e., extend your license to 10-year and it will become a permanent one). This is the thread from last year for reference.

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Awesome thanks! I’m probably looking to use B2 and deciding on a front end client and right now you are in the lead, though it’s so hard to evaluate backup software.

Eventually I’d probably end up on regular backblaze and could use their client, but on the other hand at that pricing level I could also use Wasabi with you.

Hi there, does that includes commercial licences as well?

Sorry, only personal licenses can be upgraded to lifetime.

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Is it alive yet ? Login and still see only regular list. I got 5 year option on original purchase so if I choose 5 year extension then you convert to lifetime on backend???

Not yet. It will go alive midnight tomorrow (11/26 12am US Eastern Time). There will be an option for lifetime upgrade and the payment will be automatically calculated based on what you have already paid. Please don’t renew now as the upgrade will not automatically apply.

Hi there, maybe I just misread. I had a new licence from last month and went to upgrade, so I bought another one. it shows now licence until end of 2023. No lifetime.

gchen, can you help? Sorry my english is not my first language.


You only renewed your license for one more year so now it expires on 2023. You’ll need to renew again, choose the lifetime option on the second page, and then you’ll get the lifetime upgrade.