CLI - browse for and restore single or selected file/s?


I’m experimenting with Duplicacy and Borg. So far i’ve only actually tried Duplicacy and read about Borg.

I’ve scanned and searched this forum and perhaps i’ve missed it but i haven’t found a way to browse the backup set/repository (without the webGUI) so i can identify specific file/s and restore just that file/those files.

Borg uses FUSE to enable you to mount the repository and from what i gather allow the use of standard GUI file managers to copy/paste or of course through CLI commands.

Is there a way to restore individual files in Duplicacy CLI? One of my devices is a headless server, so i’m not looking at the webGUI version for that (i am for some client PCs).

Thanks :slight_smile:

While i’m here, i think i found a post saying that you can restore a whole snapshot to a different path than its original source but i’ve lost it. Is that correct?

This is not yet implemented, and has been discussed a few times, like in this topic.

Sure! You’ll have to use filtering with include/exclude patterns:

You probably saw this topic in the Guide:


Thanks, and thanks for the links. Can’t believe i couldn’t find “restore to a different folder or computer” :smiley: