Complete system backup of Linux


Anybody tried to use Duplicacy as a full system backup solution of a running system?

I miss some commands like tar’s one-file-system


I dont really get a full system on linux, but I do run duplicacy from root / folder. All I really care about are the configs and homes and misc data folders. On some systems I’ll add in certain var or usr folders too. But mainly if I have to restore a linux system, I would probably just reinstall, load up all the packages and copy back in configs I need. Here’s a filter I have setup as a default, just as an example, but others may have a better way. I suppose if you wanted a full system, you could just omit /tmp /mnt /proc /sys /run /dev /media /cdrom folders, and maybe those /var/run lock and cache folders like I have.



There are some scripts which may help you. Here’s one: GitHub - markfeit/duplicacy-scripts: A set of scripts for running Duplicacy on Unix systems (never used it).

For a global reference of duplicacy-stuff you should check Duplicacy User Guide.
And for other scripts/utils you have Scripts and utilities index linked from the User Guide.