Duplicacy Web Edition 1.6.3 releases


QNAP packages:

Synology packages:

1.6.3 Changes:

  • Call Sync() before Close() when updating the configure file duplicacy.json
  • Add a storage tab for IDrive e2

1.6.2 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that made the ‘Start on login’ option not persistent after restart on Windows
  • Synology packages can now be upgraded without overwriting existing configurations

1.6.1 Changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some folders to disappear when a sibling folder is collapsed in file/folder selection dialog
  • Add -background as the startup option when Start on Logon is enabled

1.6.0 Changes:

  • Fixed a coloring bug in the storage graph when there are more than 15 backup ids

1.5.3 Changes:

  • Restore can now continue to run in the background after the Restore page is closed
  • Pass storage credentials to the CLI in keyring/keychain if safe_credentials is set to true in settings.json [1]
  • In file/directory selection dialogs, directories can now be expanded or collapsed with double-clicks
  • Fixed an initialization failure bug when running multiple jobs in parallel
  • Fixed a bug that causes schedules to run repeatedly between 1am to 2am on the starting day of daylight saving time [2]
  • Fix a bug that causes a trial license to become invalid after a docker restart

[1] By default storage credentials needed by the CLI are passed as environment variables. If you create a new key in settings.json named safe_credentials and set it to true, then storage credentials will be saved in keyring/keychain which is visible to the CLI.

[2] You’ll be affected by this bug if you have a schedule to be run between 2am (inclusive) and 3am on this coming March 13th. If you don’t want to upgrade, a workaround is to temporarily change the run time of the schedule to before 2am or after 3am.

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I lost all my settings/caches when upgrading from 1.5.0 (?) to 1.6.1 on Synology Ds1819+

The folder “/volume1/@appstore/duplicacy/.duplicacy-web” just looks like brand new with nothing in it.

I upgrade by

  1. stop duplicacy running from Package Center
  2. upload the correct .spk file by click manual install
  3. run duplicacy

May be i did something wrong.
Just a precaution for everyone.

I just updated the release to 1.6.2. Now the synology packages can be upgraded without losing existing configurations.

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Windows 10 - My Web UI says it is version 2.7.2. My EXE in the BIN folder is named “duplicacy_win_x64_2.7.2.exe” & dated over a year ago. How does this relate to 1.6.x? The Web UI says it will automatically update but I’m thinking that did not happen. Why did it not update yet and will it eventually update itself automatically?

2.7.2 is the CLI version. The Web UI version can be found at the bottom of the Dashboard page. The Web UI will automatically update the CLI when a new CLI release is available from github, but it won’t update itself. You’ll have to uninstall it first and then install 1.6.2.

Thank you. CLI is 2.7.2 and Web UI on Dashboard is 1.5.0. If my exe in the bin folder is named 272, then where is the 1.5.0 web ui compiled code located? Sorry, but I’m confused, since my settings says it will automatically update, but there is a new version available but nothing has updated. Am I supposed to totally uninstall Duplicacy from Control Panel then install the newest 1.6.x installation exe? Will any of my settings be lost in this process? What about my license key?

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The exe in the bin folder is the CLI.

Stop the web GUI first by right clicking the system tray icon and selecting Quit. Then run the uninstaller in the Start Menu. Please note that if you installed the current version for all users and also chose to run Duplicacy Web Edition as service then you’ll need to run the uninstaller as administrator.

All settings as well as the license key won’t be deleted by the uninstaller.

I just updated the release to 1.6.3, mostly to add a storage tab for IDrive e2, but also include a change to make duplicacy.json more resilient to disk issues.

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