Is there a way to "prune" contents of one folder in a repo?

Good evening,

I have one huge backup repo, containing several smaller folders and one big folder. As my storage ran full now from all the backups, duplicacy is not performing the backup anymore. So new files are not being backed up. No, unfortunately I cannot add free storage to my Onedrive:-(

I started to put the “huge” folder into a new repo and I backup this to another storage account now. Therefore I would really like to “remove” it from the old backup. I removed it from the repo, so changes will not be added to backups, but old backups still remain. Since the prune is time based, it will last weeks until the storage is getting free space again. I dont want to destroy the backup history for all of the folders, i can accept it for the huge one.

Is there a way to remove the big folder only from the backups in my storage?

Thanks for any help,

There isn’t a way to delete parts of a backup. All backups are immutable after having been uploaded to the storage.

Thank you for pointing this out - I think I will find another solution.

Hi manne01,
As gchen says, Prune operates on the snapshot revision level, meaning the smallest item you can remove is a snapshot revision including the chunks (data blocks) unique to that revision.

You could use the List command (see List command details) to list snapshots with their date and sizes, which might help to choose old and large snapshots that you might not need.

Edit: I’m sorry, Check with the -tabular option is the command you want to try!

Edit 2: I also fell into the snapshot/revision trap as you found out! Amended my answer for new readers.