Web edition realtime log of successfully backed up files?

I discovered I can click the progress bar of a backup job to see the current log file with WARN entries of failures like file locks, but I don’t see a list of files that have been uploaded or are currently being uploaded. Opening log files of previous backup jobs in the logs folder does show these files. Is there a way to see successful and current uploads of the running job in the web edition?

In my experience, it does sometime work… indeed, I think it’s supposed to, and it’s supposed to periodically refresh the list (IIRC, the URL opens up with &tail=1 or something like that). But most often it just seems to get stuck, and doesn’t show an updated view of the actual .log. Which is a shame.

Hopefully this can be fixed in future, because a nice real-time log - especially shown within a frame of the Web GUI itself - would be quite useful and would add polish.

It is supposed to be real-time, but I think there is a buffer somewhere which causes the delay. I’ll look into it.

I believe errors do appear in real time in the logs, but after the backup is complete, it’s populated with all the successfully uploaded files instantly. At least that’s the case with B2.