Web UI 1.0.0 chart usability enhancements



The charts in v1.0.0 of the web UI offer an okay high-level view, but they are missing some features that I think would make them much more useful. Here’s an example for reference.

(Probably obvious, but for clarity) Note that I’ve obfuscated the backup names with black boxes and those aren’t a part of how the graphs actually look for me.

The charts seem to be based on Chartist, so maybe the options to improve usability without switching to something like d3 or c3 might be limited or difficult to implement.

Suggested enhancements:

  1. legend entries / lines can be toggled on and off. Currently, the ALL line crushes all of the individual backups. I’d like to be able to show only one line, or maybe a subset of lines. It’s also nearly impossible for me to distinguish individual lines due to proximity and how similar some of the colors are.

  2. tooltips display for all series for a hovered date, or maybe just for a hovered data point. It looks like Chartist has a tooltip plugin, but it might not be usable on its own without either #1 or the ability to zoom into the graph.

Chart bugs:

  1. legend entry wrapping doesn’t keep the marker and label together (see last legend entry in the screenshot above for an example)

  2. x-axis labels can overlap