Which command options are available in the web-ui?

Assuming that any of the command options from the cli will work in the web-ui, I tried running a check job with the option -all but it said “invalid Option” I also tried all (without the dash) but it didn’t work either.

So which options can be used?

For check jobs, I would expect -all and -tabular to be the only disallowed options in the web UI since it already automatically appends those to check jobs. At the very least, I know that -fossils, -resurrect', and -files are all allowed as options.

If you check the log from a check job, note that -a and -tabular are applied even if you didn’t specify any options.

Running check command from /root/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all
Options: [-log check -storage egarots -a -tabular]

A check job always has the -a option enabled. When you add the -all option the CLI complains:

> duplicacy check -a -all
Cannot use two forms of the same flag: a all

So you are saying in the web-ui, a check job always has the -a option enabled?

While it make sense, I think the least I’d expect from it is that it provides the correct error message. Currently it says it’s an “invalid option”. So it should say

But rather than coding that, I guess it would make more sense if the web-ui just ignored -all as an option. Or maybe not. From an educational perspective, it’s better to produce the correct error message.

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I still think that GUI frontend should expose command line options as GUI elements instead of leaking command line implementation:

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Now I’m trying to get a more detailed log when running the my check job on the web-ui. I tried adding each of the following as an option:


But exactly one of them works (it gives me the “invalid option” error each time). I’m starting to wonder what the option feature in the web-ui is actually for. Except for

Could someone explain?

Edit: I found the answer myself. Up until today’s release of web-ui 1.2.0 global options where apparently not allowed. But now they are:

But regardless of adding more options (which is, of course, great), I think that as long as not all options are supported, it would be incredibly helpful if those options were presented to the user to select (e.g. with check boxes) so that you don’t have to try out everything by running the job, only to find that nothing works anyway.

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