Please use the ❤ button!

Likes are an important metric for discourse to distinguish useful from less useful posts, e.g. when compiling digest emails or producing search results (I think).

Unfortunately, the old support forum did not have likes so we have hundreds of posts without a single like. It’s not a big deal, but I thought I’d encourage everyone to use the :heart: button whenever you find a post useful. That will make it easier for others to find that information in the future.

And while I’m at it, I might as well mention two other features that will improve the forum experience for everyone, but only if people actually use it:

  1. You can quote parts of other posts, not only the post you are replying to, but any post on the forum. Just select the text you want to quote and press quote.
  2. You can link to other posts and that incoming link will automagically be visible also “on the other side” as a link back to your post, making it much easier to find relevant information. To link to another post, just past the URL that you find behind the :link: icon under the respective post.

If you are interested in learning some more tips and tricks regarding this forum, check out this blog-post.


I just want to re-emphasize the importance of liking other posts. Liking a post doesn’t just mean that you agree with it, but it can also mean “thanks for a useful contribution”. So please use the :heart: button freely whenever you read something useful.

Giving and receiving a certain number of likes is a requirement for reaching the next trust level on the forum (just in case you wondered).