What if my backup duration exceeds the trial duration?

Hi, I want to try out Duplicacy and create a huge backup (about 1 TB) and restore from it afterwards. However, due to my slow internet connection, the backup takes almost two months. Is there any chance the update will even complete with the trial duration of only 30 days? Or will it abort?

Thank you!

It will continue, unless you interrupt it.

Try the software on a smaller dataset, or on a faster storage.

I wanted to test if the big one is being handled fine but that’s ok. If you don’t mind, I have a follow-up question. When restoring from the smaller job, the window indicates that I could select which files to restore. However, the file-selector only shows “Revision X” instead of a file tree (see below). I suspect this might be related to using RSA encryption. But I absolutely need my backup to be encrypted! Is there any way to get encrypted backups and still be able to restore individual files? I am coming from Duplicati where this works as expected.

You are stumbling on a long time UX bug that everyone stumble on… click on the folder icon, not text:

@gchen, please fix this…

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Thanks, that was quick! :slight_smile:

So if you don’t interrupt backup it will continue. The license is checked on backup start.

Then you can restore — you don’t need a license for restore.

In other words if you start backup within trial period you can accomplish what thou want.

Much appreciated, I will let it run and try it. Duplicacy looks very good so far!

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