Duplicacy Web Edition 1.0.0 is now available


New features since 0.2.10:

  • Support encrypted ssh key files: you can now use ssh key files encrypted by passphrases. Just enter the passphrase into the password text box.
  • HTTPS support: when you specify an https listening address as well as a domain name on the Settings page, Duplicacy Web Edition will enable the https server, with certificates downloaded automatically from Let’s Encrypt.
  • Administration login expiration is now configurable: if you set an non-empty administration password, there is an option to control how often you need to reenter this password. There is also a log out link on every page to quickly expire the current session.

Bug fixes:

  • Add -a to a new prune job if not specified
  • Remove leading slashes in S3 storage paths if there are any
  • Change chart interpolation method
  • Fixed a bug in combining all log files into an email
  • Remove the filters file when deleting a repository
  • Fixed a regex bug causing file names with spaces to be extracted incorrectly

:confetti_ball::confetti_ball: WOHOOOOO, It’s finally here! :tada:

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Perhaps a quick note for those people who have not followed the development of the web-edition: the web-edition basically consists of two components: the CLI (command line interface) version and a web-server that runs locally on your machine, providing you with a graphic interface (in your web-browser) that sits on top of the CLI version. In other words: it allows you to interact with the CLI without having to type a single command.


Is there time estimate for release version 1.1 ? :wink: I cannot wait for “run as service” :slightly_smiling_face: feature.
Or at least version which does not call the launch of the Internet browser when started.


After using the gui on mac, duplicacy web is just so much nicer. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve started recommending duplicacy broadly. Great job! Thank you for making it easier for me to keep my data safe.


This should tide you over for the meantime. This works on CentOS. Note though that there is no warranty or guarantee. (Don’t sue me! :slight_smile: ) So unless you understand what this means, use it at your own risk:

echo "[Unit]
Description=Duplicacy backup software


WantedBy=multi-user.target" > /etc/systemd/system/duplicacy.service
systemctl enable duplicacy
systemctl start duplicacy
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Thank you @Hifihedgehog it will be definitively useful for people on Linux. I have to wait until Micrsoft implements systemd to Windows 10 :grin:

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Any hope for a future Arm64 web edition release? :smiley:

Also, can I just copy duplicacy_web_linux_arm_1.0.0 over the existing duplicacy_web_linux_arm_0.2.10 and leave my .duplicacy-web directory alone or do I need to tweak something?

No need to tweak anything. You can do that and it should work.

Great thanks for your help!
clicking the “-” wasn’t obvious to me.

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Any way to remove a password once set?


I am a new user of duplicacy so apologies if this is somehow obvious…

But related to your comment: does it then mean that to use the WebUI you need to download both the CLI and WebUI executables?

While checking into docker images for duplicacy, I noticed the image by ehough actually does download both binaries:

Whereas the one by saspus actually doesn’t seem to do that?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Nope, there’s no need to download both. Just download the Web edition, and it will download all that’s needed (which is only the CLI) automatically and use it behind the scenes.

At all times you will only interact with (use) the web frontend and you don’t have to care about anything else.


Correct, it is not necessary to download the engine manually — the main app will auto download everything it needs on the first launch.

You can edit ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json to remove the administration_token key.

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Wow! This is awesome. Others are asking about backup schedules with the Web Edition, and my interest is in recovery. Using the Duplicacy CLI to recover a single file is challenging and this really addresses that issue for me. Thank you!

On a side note, how will this feature be licensed?