Filters Include/Exclude, Could it be implemented to a "tick" folder instead?

Hello! It’s been over a year since I tried duplicacy.
When I tested the old gui it was difficult to add folders and exclude if I had multiple folders to do so.
I’v tried the new webgui and it persist.

There is no way to implement a tick folder like Arq/Crashplan have?
It would make it so easy to people who doesn’t have knowledge with links and paths etc, and I would come back to Duplicacy in a blink. The tech works better than Arq (which im using now), making it possible to me to have my entire backups 30% smaller (a big number when backing up around 1TB/year)


I’ll try. It wasn’t implemented because such a mode may not be compatible with the powerful pattern rules that we currently support. Maybe I’ll add this as a basic mode which will generate include/exclude patterns from those ticks and un-ticks (and disable custom patterns). The current mode will be the advanced mode where you can enter the patterns manually.


Hey!! This would be very nice! And I’m pretty sure it would make it easier to noobs/less skilled people understand. In the end more people would be joining Duplicacy. It’s win/win.

How can I monitor the implementation ETA?

Yea, some kind of dashboard where we could monitor progress on various features would be great :wink:

But see this.

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Pretty much a dupe of my ask here :wink:

Glad it’s getting looked at though!. I’d really appreciate any sort of integration with the result of custom patterns, even if it was much slower as an opt-in feature.