Is Duplicacy still under development?

I liked the software (the back end anyway) and I bought a multi-year subscription but there are serious issues with the web interface and there have been no updates in months. Is this software still being developed or has it been abandoned?


Yes, of course. In fact I’ll release the next update in a couple of weeks.

What specific serious issues are you experiencing? Can you share links or post about them if not reported before so that I can fix them in the next update?


I just renewed my subscriptions. I also hope very much for a further development.

It’s not just about “serious issues”, but mostly about making a GUI ready for not so computer-savvy users. Duplicacy is great, but you still need to be quite computer-savy to use it.


For me, Duplicacy Web hasn’t had many bugs but it seems to very basic in functionality since its inception. It would be cool if advanced and useful features like searching through all snapshots for a file (or even adding regexes as well) or even sorting in the restore tab.

And on Windows when you hit the stop button on the Web UI, it force closes the duplicacy backup process instead of gracefully shutting it down, so it doesn’t save the state of the upload that happens if it closed using the shortcut on CLI, which then makes the next backup longer because it verifies all of the files it already uploaded before.

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The old native GUI has been deprecated – it won’t be worked on unless there is a major bug. Did you get a chance to try the new web GUI?

That’s the one I’m currently one. The Web UI version.

I’ve been watching the progress but many feature requests haven’t made it into updates.
Do you like these feature requests?


You can actually pause/disable a schedule by unticking all the day checkboxes.

All other feature requests are related to the restore workflow. I mentioned somewhere in this forum that I have a plan to rework the restore UI – the main part is to cache the results of list commands, so for a revision that has been listed before the file list can be quickly loaded from the cache. The cache can be a database to facilitate search, history, diff, etc.


Given that CLI wasn’t released for almost 2 years, is the project still alive?

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Community contribution:

Infrequent releases is good. It’s a sign of stability.

Is there any info available on the CLI release plans?

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just the roadmaps as far as I know

Cool, thanks.
Would be great to have at least a very rough timeline.


Hmm, while this is certainly true, hasn’t the memory optimisation branch been in works for a while now?

The number of commits seems to be quite small, assuming everything’s been pushed to github. Nevermind, was looking at the branch not the PR!

That PR has been merged in April. I plan to create a new CLI release off the main branch in next month.


I plan to create a new CLI release off the main branch in next month.

is it still planned for this month? I need the google drive impersonation feature so it fits me well that it should soon be available.

Maybe by the end of this week. If not it will definitely be next week.


Any plans to use go 1.19 with the new soft memory limit? :grinning:

How about merging in some of the outstanding PRs as well? Or at least commenting on the status…

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